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What is on your minddd


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Are you looking forward to anything?

Well…. Idk I guess

God Be with You Till We Meet Again

As life goes on you meet tons of new people. You create memories that will last lifetimes. As every friendship begins, every friendship must come to an end. Not the friendship itself but the physical interaction with that person. We all go down different paths in life. People fade in and out of your life. It always seems to make life hard.

It is crazy to think that we will all meet again one day and nothing but joy will fill our hearts and the air. There will be no stress, no anger, no contention. Everyone will hug and catch up on their whole lives and act as if they’ve only been apart for mere days.

That place where we all meet up is heaven. It’s so exciting to think about. It’s actually just really emotional. I think about all these people I’ve known and to see them all again after a lifetime honestly brings me to tears thinking about it.

I’m not trying to get all emotional but I’ve come to this point where people leave and I get sad. But I don’t want to be sad. I’m going to be happy. Happy for their future. Happy for mine. And one day we will all revisit these memories we shared together.

I can’t wait for that.

Lolz Amanda said “god be with you till we meet again”. I don’t know if like it was a joke or not but really…

Something about that saying is so amazing. And it makes me feel so comforted about the future.

I’ll be leaving on a mission in six months and I can’t express the amount of joy I have when I think about trying to spread this happiness to others. Id be a complete mess if I didn’t have this gospel.

I don’t really know what this post is but I guess it’s just my thoughts. So until next time followers. ✌️

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Do you miss anyone?

I guess

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